Newsletter: December 20, 2020


Dear loved church family,  Wow, we are nearly at the end of 2020 and what year it has been!  A year filled with ups and downs, triumphs and trials, joys and sorrows!  However we are here and it is only by God’s amazing, lavish, undeserved favour!  His grace has certainly been sufficient for us and has carried us through.
We praise God and do not forget His many benefits to us throughout 2020.  The list to the right shares some of our many blessings from our Lord’s gracious Hand.  In spite of our very testing year, He has blessed us and helped up be a blessing to many.  Can I encourage you to write an encouraging note, card, text, email or Facebook message to a few of the leaders to thank and encourage them in their ministry for our Lord and His church at CRC Casey? Thank you so much.
Speaking of thanks, I would like to thank our powerful God for being with our church family and helping me minister to you.  I would also like to convey my sincere thanks to my team of Elders and our Care Team for the good work we could do together in shepherding, leading and caring for our flock here at Casey. 
My gratitude also to our youth worker David K, Kaye K and Jono B for leading our Next Gen Youth and our ministry and committee leaders and volunteers for helping us be salt, light and a city on a hill brightly shining our light in our community.
I would also like to say a huge thank you to Suzanne A and Gavin B for their many hours of labour for Jesus in bringing us our weekly online corporate worship!  What a year of learning, stretching, frustration and testing!  It has been huge challenge but God’s powerful Hand has enabled us to bring you the online service each week.
Thank you to our church family! We love you.  You have prayed for us and shown us your love in words and action.  One of my love languages is ‘words of affirmation’ and many of you have encouraged me and built me up through a very tough year – the most difficult one so far in my 9.5 years of being your Pastor.  Thank you for your cards and Christmas wishes to us too!
Finally, to my wife Jenny and sons Shane and Ryan – words can’t describe my love and gratitude for your support, listening ears and encouragement. 
We are certainly looking forward to having a good break over my four weeks of annual leave staring Boxing Day.  We plan to head on our annual deK family camping week in Somers followed by a road trip to Gosford, Windsor Downs, Wollongong and Merimbula.  My first Sunday back will be on 31 January! So if you have any pastoral needs during this time, please call on your Elder or Care Team.
I hope you have been blessed by our Christmas sermon series looking at all the Old Testament prophesies about the promised Saviour that would come out of LOVE for us.  May you know that God loves you very much and so do we!  It is God’s love that drove Him to send His only Son to save us from our daily sins and to give us abundant life to be enjoyed now and forevermore!  May you receive this best Christmas gift ever by turning from your sin and turning to Jesus. 
My prayer for us in the New Year is for the Holy Spirit to grow more of His fruit in us, that He will send revival to us and give growth to the many seeds we are planting and watering.  Let’s give God the glory because great things He has, is and will do among us!
See you in 2021! Ps Michael and Jenny.


Adore God: praise God for who He is, His attributes, His goodness, faithfulness, and grace!

Confess our sins: turn from our sin and turn to Jesus and His ways.  Ask God to forgive us for our sins daily.

Thank God:

  • For holidays after a ‘roller coaster’ of a year!
  • For those God is healing:
    • That Peter S could return home from hospital after a bowel issue.

Supply our needs:

  • For our supported church plant in Pakenham as they share the Good News and for God to provide them with a new venue to worship and minister and the funds to make this happen soon!
  • For our Youth Worker David K, leaders and our fantastic Next Gen Youth.
  • For our ailing members in hostels and their caring spouses.
  • For our leaders in government.
  • For the many countries still facing many infections and deaths from Covid-19.
  • For those who need healing:
    • Members and friends who are battling cancer (Graeme S, Grace C and others).
    • Helen and Brian M who continue to battle through dialysis treatment 3 times a week.

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