Newsletter: June 20, 2021


Dear loved Church Family,  

Thank you to those who attended our prayer meeting on Wednesday.  It was good to call on the Name of the Lord together like the early church did in Acts.  In addition to praying individually and in families, we strongly encourage you to come and pray as a church family on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

Writing about prayer, it reminded me of the heavy winds last week! In observing the wind blowing a gale, I was led to pray for the Spirit to come as that rushing wind like He did at Pentecost and blow in and through our church.  We need the Spirit to make more people born again, continue to grow us in holiness and as Book of Worship 177 encourages us to sing and pray for the Spirit to “Revive us again, fill each heart with Your love, may each soul be rekindled with Fire from above”.  Please join me in this continued prayer for our church family.  

Thank you to those who came to our new initiative of equipping the saints for ministry in discipleship.  Our aim is to have each one of our youth and young adults being discipled by a mature believer.  So please come to these, especially our ladies as we have a lot of girls who need someone to walk alongside them. 
As you know, we belong to the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (CRCA).  We used to have a denominational magazine called ‘Trowel and Sword’ but nowadays, news is online! You can find out lots of information at and keep up to date on what is happening by subscribing to a regular blog at or ‘Like’ the page ‘Ministry Formation’ on Facebook. 
Each year, our denomination publishes a Yearbook.  Below is this year’s opening which  reminds us to thank God for providing our needs as a denomination for another year – Ps Michael and Jenny.

“As a nation many things have started moving again after many lockdowns in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank the Lord for the good leadership of our governments, that in our land, many lives have been spared, especially when that is compared to what has happened around the world. 

As CRCA churches, we have also had to adjust our practices and ways we conduct our worship services. The use of technology has enabled us to live-stream the gospel message in many of our churches. 

The Covid19 pandemic has also meant that the Synod planned for May 2021 has been delayed. At the time of writing this is now due to be held in October 2021. We pray that these plans will be blessed, and that Synod may be able to go ahead in Tasmania with all Classes able to send their delegates.

Since the last CRCA Yearbook publication there have been several calls extended and accepted. And we have again seen many changes in our churches. These include: 
• Rev. Glenn Dekker moved from One Hope (In General Service) to Pastor at Hope in the Hills – Tecoma Victoria. 
• Rev. Ben Fien passed his final exam and was ordained at Bray Park Church in Qld in June 2021 
• Rev. Tiong Ling passed his Classis Exam in Nov 2020 and is pastor at the Chinese CRC 
• Rev. Steven Coleman moved from Hope CCC (NSW) to Langwarrin (Vic) 
• Rev. Jaco Classen was released from his call to the One Way (Margate) Church in Tasmania under Article 18A of the Church Order. 
• Rev. Johann Joubert was installed in Sanctuary Hill (Penguin) Tasmania. 
• Reuben Capill started his vicariate at Riverbank Christian Church (Tas) 
• Rev. Dawie Van Vuuren resigned from Hill St Church to be a lecturer for Veritas College. 
• Rev. Johannes Kelder retired from Bay Christian Church (Tas) 
• Rev. John Zuidema retired from Geelong CRC (Vic) 
• Rev. John DeHoog passed away in July 202
• Forrestdale church in WA is now known as “The Local Church”. 

May the Lord be pleased to bless our efforts and extend His kingdom in this world until we see the glorious return of our Saviour King. Philip Schouten. Synodical Administrator”.


  • Thank God for the precious gift of Elodie Elise M who was born last Saturday night.  Parents Jeremy and Amy and brothers Henry and Oscar are soaking up every moment with this new addition. 
  • Thank God for answering prayers for Tony and Jane S’s daughter Leola (knee) surgery in the past week and husband Tim (lung). We thank God that both are now home recuperating. 
  • For the Spirit to convict and encourage us to help disciple one other person.
  • For the Lord to make more people born again especially our youth and young adults we are nurturing. 
  • Pray for the Spirit to cultivate deep and sincere love and boldness to help build connection and belonging among our church family. 
  • For Members and friends who are sick and going through cancer treatment.
    • For Brian M who was admitted again to the Casey hospital on Tuesday. His leg sores have not improved and is having breathing difficulties. Pray for healing and that the right doctors and treatment will be administered. 
  • For the ongoing Covid-19 situation to be contained.  
  • For God to protect and grow our marriages and for our many single parents, widows and widowers

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