Newsletter: April 18th, 2021


Sunday night we have our “Gen4Him” service, with dinner at 5:15pm followed by the service at 6pm. You are warmly invited to join us for this time of fellowship before the service, and for the service itself as our youth participate in many parts of the service. We will be looking at Part 2 of our 3-part series on Family Worship. Last week we looked at the “why do we do family worship?”, and this week we will consider the “what is family worship?” Once again, there will be an opportunity after the service for Q&A – we had some great questions last week, and I’m sure more to come as we start looking at the more practical side to family worship. Next week will be the “how do we do family worship?” and perhaps the most practical, but it won’t make sense without the why and what – so please come along and let us grow together in our worship at home (and if you missed Part 1, you can watch it on the YouTube channel). 
 It was also great to have Mark and Nyomie share with us last week about their desire to serve the Lord in Thailand. Let us continue to uphold them in prayer as the Lord leads them and opens doors, as well as considering whether the Lord is leading members of our congregation to support them in other ways.
 If you are visiting with us, a special welcome to you. I heard we had a great turnout to the welcome to Casey morning tea last week, so thank-you to all those who have shown interest in joining our church family. We hope and pray you will find your place with us here at Casey, as we seek to love and serve the Lord together.
 Have a blessed Lord’s Day and a blessed week, Andrew
If you are visiting, we’d love to meet you at our Connect Corner in the foyer afterward and share more about our church family.  

Our children are special to us….  For our mother’s nursing babies, please use your special room just past the toilets.  Our creche next to the foyer has reopened now for our toddlers and children 4 years to Grade 6 are welcome to head to Sunday School on the second and fourth Sundays of the month in our morning gathering during the school term.  
Please borrow a fantastic Christian resource from our library which is next to the entrance too – Ps Michael and Jenny.


Adore God: praise God for who He is, His attributes, His goodness, faithfulness, and grace!

Confess our sins: turn from our sin and turn to Jesus and His ways.  Ask God to forgive us for our sins daily.

Thank God:

  • That restrictions are eased and we can have 100% seating capacity in our corporate worship gatherings.
  • That our community streams into our church op shop each week and we have opportunity to talk, listen, pray and minister in this way.  
  • That we could have our youth and young adults participate in our corporate worship and ministries.
  • That Brian M’s breathing has improved and could return home, however needs a bed to become available at St John of God hospital in Berwick to assess and treat his condition. 
  • That we could visit, read God’s word, sing, pray and encourage our ailing members in hostels – Riek G, Els V, Sue K and Abe P’s brother Marten. 

Supply our needs:

  • For our parents as they apply Andrew’s sermon series on family worship and discipleship in the home. 
  • For our Prime Minister, Premier and politicians in power and as we move into the vaccination phase.
  • For our family and friends who need to be saved by the Holy Spirit and for opportunities and boldness to share the Good News which is powerful unto salvation for all who believe! 
  • For Members and friends who are battling cancer and are sick: Bart Z, Elizabeth P, Peter S, Grace C, Gerry K.
  • For the many countries still facing many infections and deaths from Covid-19
  • For our families: Schaddee van Dooren, Schuring, Siriweera, Smeekes, Smit, Smith, Spittel, Surgith, Tiemens.

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